Natureform Pocket Gel

Weight restriction: 140kgs per person
Warranty period: 25 years
Replacement guarantee: 5 years
Comfort level: conforming soft feel with cool memory gel

Foam encased pocket springs represent a harmonious integration of materials to offer the best of both worlds: the support of pocket springs and the edge-to-edge comfort of foam encasement. By blending these elements, manufacturers create mattresses that excel in individualized support, motion isolation, and overall sleep comfort.

Gel memory foam represents a leap forward in sleep technology, addressing the desire for both comfort and temperature regulation. By combining the supportive properties of memory foam with cooling gel infusions, gel memory foam mattresses offer a sleep experience that embraces your body’s contours while keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night.
SilverTech fabric is a testament to modern advancements in textile technology. By infusing silver ions into the fabric, manufacturers create a sleep surface that promotes hygiene, cleanliness, and comfort. As you explore mattress options, consider the benefits of SilverTech fabric and how it can contribute to a sleep sanctuary that prioritizes your health and well-being, providing a clean and rejuvenating environment for restful sleep.



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