Chiropaedic Super Sleep

Weight restriction: 120kgs per person
Warranty period: 20 years
Replacement guarantee: 4 years
Comfort level: medium latex feel with extra spring

Type: single sided / turnfree

In a 2-in-1 style Bonnell innerspring mattress, there are essentially two separate layers of Bonnell coils stacked on top of each other or placed side by side, often with a layer of padding or foam between them. This design aims to provide enhanced support, comfort, and durability compared to a single layer of Bonnell coils
PolyLatex foam is a testament to the innovative spirit of mattress design. By blending the strengths of polyurethane foam and latex foam, this hybrid material offers a unique sleep experience characterized by responsive support, natural resilience, and effective pressure relief.
Knitted fabric in mattresses exemplifies the fusion of comfort and design. Its softness, stretchability, and visual appeal make it a valuable component in creating a sleep environment that prioritizes both comfort and aesthetics..


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