Chiropaedic Plush PamperTop

Weight restriction: 120kgs per person
Warranty period: 20 years
Replacement guarantee: 4 years
Comfort level: medium soft comfort “marshmallow”  feel

The heart of our Bonnell Spring Mattresses lies in the innovative Bonnell spring system. Each mattress is constructed with a series of hourglass-shaped coils made from high-quality steel. These interconnected coils work harmoniously to distribute your body weight evenly across the mattress, providing targeted support and reducing pressure points.

PolyLatex foam is a testament to the innovative spirit of mattress design. By blending the strengths of polyurethane foam and latex foam, this hybrid material offers a unique sleep experience characterized by responsive support, natural resilience, and effective pressure relief. As you explore mattress options, consider the benefits of PolyLatex foam and how it can contribute to creating a sleep haven that aligns with your comfort and well-being

Aloe vera fabric in mattresses is a testament to the marriage of nature and innovation. By infusing the essence of aloe vera into mattress covers, manufacturers create a sleep experience that goes beyond comfort, embracing the therapeutic qualities of this ancient plant. As you explore mattress options, consider the benefits of aloe vera fabric and how it can contribute to a sleep sanctuary that nurtures your well-being and enhances your nightly rejuvenation



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