Chiropaedic Hospitalier

Weight restriction: 140kgs per person
Warranty period: 20 years
Replacement guarantee: 4 years
Comfort level: firm orthopedic feel 

Type: double sided / turnable

“WeightMaster” springs focus on weight distribution and customization, while “Bonnell springs” points to a classic innerspring design known for its durability and reliability. Combining these elements, WeightMaster Bonnell springs feature a unique configuration that optimizes weight distribution to carry heavier weight capacities and adapts to the body’s contours.
Orthopedic layered foam represents a commitment to both comfort and wellness. By incorporating layers of foam with varying levels of support and cushioning, manufacturers create mattresses that prioritize proper spinal alignment, pressure relief, and personalized comfort
Aloe Vera is incorporated into mattress fabrics, it is done during the manufacturing process. The gel or extracts are often microencapsulated or integrated into the fibers of the fabric. This infusion aims to provide sleepers with a gentle and soothing touch, as well as potential wellness benefits and hyperallergic properties.

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