Chiropaedic De lux

Weight restriction: 120kgs per person
Warranty period: 15 years
Replacement guarantee: 3 years
Comfort level: soft latex orthopedic feel

Type: double sided / turnable

The interconnected design of Bonnell springs allows them to work together to distribute weight evenly across the mattress surface. When pressure is applied to one coil, the surrounding coils also respond, creating a balanced support system that conforms to the contours of the body. This conformity helps alleviate pressure points and promotes a more comfortable sleeping experience.

PolyLatex foam is a testament to the innovative spirit of mattress design. By blending the strengths of polyurethane foam and latex foam, this hybrid material offers a unique sleep experience characterized by responsive support, natural resilience, and effective pressure relief. As you explore mattress options, consider the benefits of PolyLatex foam and how it can contribute to creating a sleep haven that aligns with your comfort and well-being

Knitted fabric in mattresses exemplifies the fusion of comfort and design. Its softness, stretchability, and visual appeal make it a valuable component in creating a sleep environment that prioritizes both comfort and aesthetics. As you explore mattress options, consider the benefits of knitted fabric and how it can contribute to a sleep sanctuary that not only nurtures your well-being but also complements the overall ambiance of your bedroom



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