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The Pocket Spring Evolution

In the pursuit of a good night's sleep, one cannot underestimate the importance of a quality mattress. Among the plethora of options available, the pocket spring mattress stands out as a superior choice for those seeking a perfect balance of comfort and support. In...

The Evolution of Comfort: A Brief History of Mattresses

The humble mattress, a symbol of comfort and repose, has an intriguing history that spans centuries and cultures. From rudimentary sleeping surfaces to the technologically advanced sleep systems of today, the journey of the mattress is a testament to human ingenuity...

Finding Your Sweet Spot: Unveiling the Best Sleeping Position for You

We spend approximately a third of our lives sleeping, making the quality of our sleep crucial for overall well-being. One often overlooked aspect of a restful slumber is the sleeping position we adopt. Believe it or not, your preferred sleep posture can impact your...

The Remarkable Benefits of Memory Foam in Your Mattress

When it comes to the realm of sleep, comfort is king, and innovation reigns supreme. Enter gel memory foam – a revolutionary material that has transformed the way we experience rest. If you're seeking a mattress that embraces you in cloud-like comfort, look no...

The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep: Nurturing Vitality and Well-Being

In a world that seems to be in constant motion, the simple act of sleep often takes a back seat to our demanding schedules and digital distractions. Yet, the importance of a good night's sleep cannot be understated, as it is the cornerstone of physical health, mental...

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Energy from the sun is free and South Africa is one of the sunniest places on Earth. Going solar is the best decision you can make.


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We supply solar products for the home. Panels, lithium ion batteries, inverters and many more in stock.


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